2014 – Nordic Music Award Nomination for “Nothing to Say” music video
2014 – Vice X Wimp Live Sessions (with Treefight For Sunlight)
2014 – Show at Spot Festival (live review 5/6 in Unison)
2014 – Supporting Of Montreal @ Frost Festival, Copenhagen
2014 – Supporting Reptile Youth @ VEGA, Copenhagen
2014 – Kultmucke Special (featuring a cover of Irma Thomas’ “The Hurt’s All Gone”)
2014 – Show at Northern Winter Beat
2013 – “Nothing to Say” no.1 for 8 weeks on Danish National Radio
2013 – “Nothing to Say” on Top 10 of best singles of the year (Camels and Lions)
2013 – “Adagio” on Top 20 of best albums of the year (Diskant, DK)
2013 – “Adagio” 5th best album of the year (Blaavinyl, DK)
2013 – “Adagio” on best album of the year list (Lydtapet, DK)
2012 – Winner of a Silver Ace Award at Las Vegas International Film Festival for Under The New Morning Sun music video
2012 – Supporting Choir of Young Believers around Europe
2012 – Frisk Frugt From The Future Tour (a collaboration of Frisk Frugt and 4 Guys From The Future)
2011 – France 24 TV interview: “4 Guys From The Future proves danes can rock”
2011 – Show at Roskilde Festival
2011 – Show at Spot Festival
2011 – Show at NGP Cluster Excellence Conference (with 2d-visuals and quadrophonic sound)
2011 – 3 x France pressvisits and Tour
2011 – Rolling Stone article: “Les visions néo-psychédéliques de 4 Guys From The Future”
2011 – Exclusive Geiger article (Geiger#21, DK)
2011 – Exclusive interview with radio documentary music magazine VOX – Third Ear
2010 – Under The New Morning Sun 3rd best album of the year (Gaffa, DK)
2010 – Top 10 Album of the year (Morgenavisen Jyllandsposten)

Tambourhinoceros, Playground Music Scandinavia, Underdog Records

Rasmus Valldorf, Jeppe Brix, Mads Forsby, Jarno Varsted, Tobias Mynborg, Mads Brinch Nielsen, Bjarke Porsmose